Are You Actually Hungry?

Have you ever been sitting there at home mindlessly watching TV and you just HAVE to go grab a “snack?” A couple chips in, and boom, the entire bag is gone and you’re sitting there like, “Why the f**k did I just eat all of those? I wasn’t even hungry.” This mindless “snacking” is such an evil thing, especially if you’re trying to shed some pounds. So today I’m gonna tell you guys how I personally deal with it, and some awesome tips to help you tell the difference between actual hunger, and your mind just playing tricks. Here are some of the reasons why you might feel hungry, when you’re actually not.


  1. You’re dehydrated. Most people out there don’t drink enough water. Guys, this is so frustrating to me because water is just all around awesome. Besides the fact that it can help control your calorie intake, it helps energize your muscles, it keeps your skin healthy and vibrant, it helps with overall kidney health, and it helps maintain normal bowel functions. You can’t go wrong drinking water. And here’s the magic tip. Next time you’re feeling hungry, force yourself to chug a glass of water. I know it doesn’t sound amazing, but I can promise you, you’re most likely not gonna be hungry after that glass of water. So drink up! (Give it 5-10 minutes and if you’re still feeling hungry then guess what? You’re actually hungry! Listen to your body and go eat some food).
  2. You’re bored. Yes, we’ve all been victims of being bored and just walking into the kitchen, checking the fridge and chowing down on whatever we see. Why? Just because. It’s not because we’re hungry, it’s because we’re bored. I personally hate boredom hunger, and it gets a lot of people. What I find helps me is not going to be surprising, but if you’re sitting there bored, do something that either stimulates the brain or your hands. I like to pick up the guitar to get my hands moving and my mind off of food. Another healthy habit to start would be to read whenever you’re feeling bored. I can guarantee you that once you start reading, or start doing something other than just sitting there, you’re easily going to be able to stave off that so called “hunger” you think you’re feeling.
  3. You’re tired. Science has proved that when you sleep 4 hours or less you may end up consuming 22% more calories than if you had slept for 8 hours instead. That’s equivalent to 550 extra calories, which means over the course of an entire year you’re putting on 52 extra pounds! What does that mean? Stop pulling all-nighters and get some quality shut-eye! Now one way that has helped me tremendously when it comes to falling asleep is setting my phone somewhere far away from my bed. I know some of you reading this probably lie down in bed on your phone until you pass out. If you can try to keep a consistent sleep schedule of say, getting in bed by 11:00PM every night, your body will thank you a ton. Rather than getting sucked into your phone right before bed, try throwing it across the room (I literally throw my phone across my room) and read for 20-30 minutes instead. Reading is such a relaxing way to wind down and let your body know you’re going into sleep mode.

So there it is guys and girls, the three main reasons your body might be tricking you into thinking your hungry, when in reality you’re not. Every time you’re feeling hungry, ask yourself, “Would I rather suffer the pain of discipline now, or the pain of regret later?” Try to put yourself in a future situation where you envision how you feel after eating that junk food, versus the feeling you’d have if you held yourself accountable and had some self-discipline. The feeling of sticking to something and having some self-discipline is so much sweeter, trust me.

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